FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed here please feel free to contact us.


Q: Are my dates available?

A: You can click on our availability link to view available dates.

Q: What age do I need to be to book?

A: We are happy to rent our vacation locations to respectful individuals who are over the age of 18. 

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: While some of our units you will see pets or animals around, for our vacationing guests, they are unfortunately not allowed per our HOA guidelines. If you have a service animal, they are of course welcome so long as they fall within Florida Statutes.

Q: My flight got canceled and I'm going to miss my first day of check-in. Can I have a refund?

A: Unfortunately not. We reserve your room / unit / building just for you. If you are concerned about missing your trip due to weather, airlines, pandemics, we suggest you purchase trip insurance that would protect you from this. 

Q: I'm 18 but my boyfriend is under 18, can we stay?

A: We allow most everyone over 18, we only allow minors that are accompanied by an adult who is a legal guardian. 

Q: Can I clean up the place myself and avoid the cleaning fee?

A: I'm sure you like that your room was professionally cleaned (including changing out all bedding, pillow cases, sheets, towels) before your stay. Our next guests would appreciate that as well. 

Q: Can I have an early check-in / check-out?

A: Our cleaning staff are super BUSY with very tight schedules. Our check-out / check-in times are there to make sure that our rooms cleaned correctly. Asking our cleaners to rush through cleanings is only going to leave your room below our expectations. We suggest coming to town early, check-in to the front desk, get your parking pass, but leave your bags in your car and go explore the area until your room is ready.

Q: Is there maid service / daily cleaning?

A: Those sort of services are found in hotels. However, most of our locations has at least on-site coin laundry that you can freshen up your towels along with some basic cleaning supplies. If you are staying for a stay of 7 days or longer, and you'd like to add some cleanings, we can help accommodate that with our cleaning staff for an additional fee. 

Q: Do you have more pictures?

A: Unfortunately the only pictures available are what we have posted on the site. But do let us know what you wish we would have pictured and we'll work on some updates in the future. 

Q: Is smoking or vaping allowed?

A: Unfortunately there is no smoking allowed in our units, on our balconies, or in any of our common areas. We have had a few guests who have smoked "only on the balcony" and our rooms smelled of smoke for days causing us to have to do deep cleaning, keeping guest deposits, and running ozone machines. We ask that if you need to smoke, you find the designated smoking zones outside the property you are staying at.

Q: Is there wifi available?

A: Of course! Details will be found in the unit or in your check-in info.